Brain observatory gaze tracking data


I am working with the neuropixel data using the brain observatory module. I found the gaze tracking data through using session.get_pupil_data(suppress_pupil_data=False) on EcephysSession object and I got four different kind of measurements with different value ranges (below I am showing these ranges for session 750749662):

raw_screen_coordinates in cm
x_range 373 y_range 448

raw_screen_coordinates_spherical in deg
x_range 80 y_range 112

filtered_screen_coordinates in cm
x_range 67 y_range 86

filtered_screen_coordinates_spherical in deg
x_range 24 y_range 32

(ranges are calculated by max coordinate - min coordinate)

non of which matches the dimensions of the monitor (53.3*30.0 cm ) and viewing angles (120° x 95° ) provided in the white paper, except for ‘raw_screen_coordinates_spherical in deg’ but with reversed x and y dimensions.

I’m wondering what do these different measurements mean and how are they calculated.

Thank you very much !

Hello. Over the last few months, my colleagues at the Institute have been reworking the gaze mapping calculations and features for this data. This work will be part of our upcoming release on June 11th. At that time, there will new NWB files for the data with improved access to gaze mapping data. My suggestion to you is to hold off your analysis until the new data is available. You can preview the algorithms on our GitHub repo at .

Best regards,

Thanks for the update and your great work! I’ll keep an eye out for the release.