How do I cite information from the Allen Brain Atlas website?

We get lots of questions from researchers wanting to cite images from the online data. Data is open and can be cited in manuscripts, just as you would cite information from conventional publications. Below is an example of how to cite data from the Aging, Dementia and TBI project, and detailed information on how to cite all resources is accessible from the “Updates & Support” dropdown menu on under “Citation Policy.”

Guidelines on how to cite data and tools from the Allen Institute here:

We request that you use Universal Web Citation Format for citation. Each data resource requires citation that includes its name, year of publication and a link to the relevant content. Citation also must include the name of the Allen Institute. The Aging, Dementia and TBI Study was made available online in 2016, with a corresponding publication that describes the project: Miller J.A. et al. (2017) Neuropathological and transcriptomic characteristics of the aged brain, Elife 6 doi: 10.7554/eLife.31126.

An example below indicates how to cite all that information for the Aging, Dementia and TBI study, including the corresponding publication,:

For images, it’s recommended to include also a full hyperlink to the desired image in supplemental materials or references, with a brief description of the data source and date of acquisition.

We recently added a section to our web portal aimed to help researchers connect our datasets with related publications and software tools, called “Explore”. The Explore theme on Transcriptomics includes the Aging, Dementia and TBI project, along with other related studies and publications:

Toward the end of this page, you will see a segment on “Neuropathological and transcriptomic characteristics of the aged brain.” There is a link to data and the corresponding publication noted above, by Miller, at al.:

It would be nice if you could include a widget that exports information on your website to common citation formats such a RIS, Bibtex, …

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Hi @Helveg,
Thanks for your feedback - yes, this something we are working toward. Our data structure creates some challenges for a simple solution, but we are excited about improving functionality for citing data in the future.