How to determine the flow Direction of Mouse Connectivity Data

For a specific experiment of the mouse connectivity data (e.g. 553092069 ), is there a way to determine the direction of the virus flow (i.e. anterograde vs. retrograde)? From the documentation, I understand that most experiments are anterograde, but how can I figure out whether a specific experiment is retrograde such that I can filter them out?

Is there a way to view it from the website? Is there a way to view it from the SDK (i.e. allensdk.core.mouse_connectivity_cache)? Thanks in advance!

Another think that perplex me is that there should be retrograde injection as per the documentation. But at “Filter Tracer Type” of the main page it seems that only anterograde injection is there. Does it mean I just need to select “all” and I don’t need to worry about the existence of the retrograde injection?

That ;s correct - all the data on the axonal projection tab are anterograde injections.