Microarrey expression data

Whats wrong?

It looks like your copy of Excel is not reading in the CSV (comma-separated values) file correctly - it is not dividing values separated by commas into different columns. You may need to use the “Import” option in Excel and select “CSV” (in my version of Excel it is under the File menu), or select an option to use commas as delimiters when opening the file.

Why thes kind of weird numbers?

It’s not clear what you mean or why you think they are weird. The values are normalized gene expression values, and you can read about how they are normalized in the microarray data normalization documentation.

Should look different

Should look like this.

Numbers look different

The values in that screenshot are z-scores, but the values in the downloaded ZIP files are normalized expression values. In other responses to you, Jeremy linked this post, which references another relevant post here - these go into more detail about the z-score calculations. But the values from the ZIP files are normalized as described in the documentation I linked above.

How to interpreted these numbers?

So I have to calcute into z scores?