Mouse Spinal Cord Atlas high res single image viewer broke - Flash

The Mouse Spinal Cord Atlas most important tool for viewing high res and downloading images, the single image viewer, is down. Example: ©2021 Allen Institute for Brain Science

This alert appears: Your Adobe Flash Player must be version 11.9.900 or greater to run the Single Image (high resolution) Viewer. Flash has been discontinued industry wide.

When will functionality be restored? The tiny side-by-side image viewers for ISH and the Ref Atlas are really too small to support investigations. I don’t understand why the SIVs in the mouse brain atlas and Ivy GAP don’t seem to be affected:,EXPRESSION,TUMORFEATUREANNOTATION,TUMORFEATUREBOUNDARY,H_AND_E&initImage=ISH&filter=contrast&filterVals=0.5,0.5&x=7808&y=9344&z=2

Thank you,
Ralph Puchalski

Hi Ralph

Flash has been disabled by major web browsers. The Allen Mouse Spinal Cord web app still uses Flash for an image viewer in the app.

We are planning an update for late March to replace the Flash-based viewer with a non-flash-based viewer to restore this functionality.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Best regards,