Obtaining dendritic length from precomputed morphology features

Hello – we are interested in calculating total dendritic length from the precomputed features and have a few questions:

  • What is total_length is in the dataset? Does total_length include the cell body and axon, or is it primarily the dendrites? If there is a straightforward way to calculate this from the Marker or Morphology classes, we would also be interested in hearing about that.

  • We also used total_surface - soma_surface to estimate dendritic surface area. Does that seem like a reasonable thing to do?

Thank you,

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the questions! Could you give a bit more context as to what data source you’re referring to? Guessing it’s this link but just need to verify.


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Mm not quite β€” I’m referring to the precomputed features in the cell types allensdk module.