Obtaining Image id in Ivy Glioblastoma Atlas Project

I want to download full-resolution feature and boundary images for several genes based on the following spreadsheet:


So I need the image id for each of them. I understand we can download an image and annotations through API in Ivy Glioblastoma Atlas Project by specifying image id which needs to be obtained from the browser.

Is there any way to do this other than viewing every image in the browser and copying image id from them? This would be too time-consuming given the volume of analysis that I need to do.


Yes, you can also use an API query to get the sub_image ids. Here is an example for specimen W32-1-1-K.01 . The sub_image_id at msg.2.sub_images.0.id = 278272303 for example.


Yes, thanks! I figured this out. So, I guess we need to use the API to get the image ids, parse it and use API again to download the image. A direct mapping in the original excel would have been helpful but this workaround should be doable.

Again, thanks.