Projection data in unionizes having 'is_injection' == True

Hi everyone,
let me explain my question: what is the meaning of parameters like “projection_volume” or “projection_density” for unionizes entries having ‘is_injection’ == True?
I understand what these values represent regarding projection_data, and I have read in the documentation that the funciont get_projection_matrix uses data for which ‘is_injection’ is False, but I can’t understand why these entries are also available for data having ‘is_injection’ == True.
Thanks for the help

Hi Pietro,
Thanks for your interest. Can you please provide some additional context?
E.g., what dataset(s) and documentation are you referring to in your question?


For sure, forgive me. I am referring to the allesdk python package, to manipulate Allen mouse brain data. In particular, I am using the mouse connectivity cache function to retrieve the unionizes structures.
Hope that clarifies my question, thanks again.