What do the parameters "structure_ids" of mcc.get_structure_unionizes mean?

In the Structure Signal Unionzation part of the MouseConnectivityCache tutorial jupyter notebook:

find wild-type injections into primary visual area

visp = structure_tree.get_structures_by_acronym([‘VISp’])[0]
visp_experiments = mcc.get_experiments(cre=False,

print(“%d VISp experiments” % len(visp_experiments))

structure_unionizes = mcc.get_structure_unionizes([ e[‘id’] for e in visp_experiments ],

print(“%d VISp non-injection, cortical structure unionizes” % len(structure_unionizes))

My confusion is that the injection sites of the experiments have already been filtered to be in VISp ( by the code visp_experiments = mcc.get_experiments(cre=False, injection_structure_ids=[visp[‘id’]]) ), which is a structure in the isocortex, then what is the purpose of setting structure_ids = [isocortex[‘id’]] in mcc.get_experiments?

I have tried to remove structure_ids = [isocortex[‘id’]] and the result was different. What made the difference?


We’re not able to provide rich technical answers on this particular tutorial notebook at this time. Thanks for your understanding.