Relative size of microarray samples compared to cortical ribbon

Hi, I wanted to see if there is any way to view images of dissected tissue samples for microarray analyses relative to cortical sheet or ribbon it was taken from? For example, an image of a given slice of the cortex, with a dotted outline for the area dissected for microarray analysis.

I know that the relative size of the samples is supposed to be 1mm^3, so similar to voxel size, but I wanted to see if it is possible to look at few example images of samples collected from the cortex to get a ground truth representation of sample size (i.e. what parts of the cortical ribbon are samples collected from, at the fundus, crown, or in-between and what is the general variability in this micro anatomical sampling?).

Hi Leana,
Please see the white paper for the HBA: Documentation: Human Brain Atlas - How To / Allen Human Brain Atlas - Allen Brain Map Community Forum (


Thank you!