Trajectory Data


I am looking to obtain trajectory data (including spatial and temporal coordinates) from the brain that indicate responses and potential neural circuits following an outside stimulus. An assumption I would make is that cells that show activity are directly related to one another if a certain time period has passed and if they are relatively close to another. An example would be to follow the response of a mouse or human looking at a new image or hearing a sound or phrase and tracking how the brain responds to this data and in which direction the information flows in.

I was directed to this site: Behavioral Circuits and Sensory Processing - but would be grateful if someone could point to where I could find such data and how I best could process the data to obtain spatiotemporal trajectories found in the brain.



Yes, the Visual Coding 2P and the Visual Coding Neuropixels datasets are both appropriate for those questions. From the Behavioral Circuits and Sensory Processing page, you can find more information about both of these datasets, as well as links to documentation on how to download and access the data for the 2P and Neuropixels data.

Additionally, you can watch a recording of a tutorial we recorded earlier this year that demonstrates how to access both of these datasets. The notebooks used in the tutorials can be found in this Github repository.

Good luck!

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