5-HT2A MERFISH visualizer


I created a custom visualizer for the MERFISH dataset of Yao et al., 2023. It is built using Panel and is available online thanks to the Hugging Face platform. You can try it out here. It takes some seconds to load. I am not sure how many people can view it simultaneously though!

Jan-15-2024 12-58-44_640

I am working on a more extensive tool that encopasses all 5-HT receptor and provides different views. This tool will be part of another manuscript specifically about 5-HT receptors that has just been submitted. I will post the visualizer
on twitter for testing soon.


Here a new version encompassing all available 5-HT receptors and multiple visualizations.

A description available here README.md · RDeF654875678597657/5-HT-Transcriptomics at main

another version encompasssing different neuromodulators WIP.

Thank you for sharing this! We have spotlighted a collection of tools based on Allen Institute for Brain Science resources created by the research community, and we’d be happy to feature this resource there. There’s a form on the page with all the info we need from you in order to post it.

(Other forum visitors reading this, please consider this an open invitation to submit your resource!)