Allen human brain atlas: differential search

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to consult you something about the ‘differential search’ function, could I define the target structure as part of the Contrast structure?(e.g right middle frontal gyrus VS. cerebral cortex), My purpose is to find enhanced expressed genes in the right middle frontal gyrus and I am not interested in comparison of two specific regions, that’s why I chose Cerebral Cortex as ‘Contrast structure’. Is it ok?
Junjiao Feng

Hi @jjf54. Thanks for posting on the forum. Yes, including the target as part of the contrast structure as you suggest is an appropriate way to do the search. You could also choose “Brain” if you want to be less specific in your contrast structure, or multiple lobes (e.g. TL + OL + PL) if you wanted to exclude hippocampus from the comparison. With any of these comparison you are likely to find genes enriched in most of frontal cortex. If you want genes in middle frontal gyrus but not other frontal cortical areas, then you could consider selecting frontal lobe (FL) as the contrast.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply! It’s very helpful!