Allensdk package (gain full access to data and results)

I’m trying to gain access to the allensdk package to get the natural scenes full experimental results and data. I’ve not been successful to access any of the information so far. I downloaded the Anaconda documentation program to be able to download the anaconda python and gain access to the data; however, after downloading and installing the anaconda program, I still wasn’t able to access anything. I’m sending you a message to ask how I would be able to access the allensdk package and the experiment’s full data/results. I would appreciate it if I could get a detailed response back ASAP. Thank you!

P.S. I’ve already downloaded all the needed files from the Github page but still unable to run any of the codes or gain access to data.

Hello ela

AllenSDK is released as a package that can be installed and run in a working Python environment. The Anaconda distribution is a great way to get started. In your Anaconda Python3 environment, you should be able to run ‘pip install allensdk’ to add the allensdk package to your environment.

What you do next depends on what you want. A great place to start is to get a Jupyter notebook running and then to work through one of the example notebooks in the ‘Getting Started’ section on this page: .

Also note that a lot of the (mostly) raw data is being hosted on AWS. See this page for more information if that is what you are interested in.–-Visual-Coding-on-AWS

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