Behavior Platform running wheel


I’m hoping to replicate your running wheel for my own 2P setup. I have found the hardware design very useful to get the individual components, however, I was wondering if you have any additional instructions on how to assemble the finished wheel?

In addition, it seems from the related papers, the wheel is able to track the running speed of the animal. What do you use to measure this, is there a rotary encoder attached to the wheel?

Best wishes,

Hi Dori,

The 0107-020-00 assembly that is available for download here includes the running wheel assembly 0107-410-00.

That assembly has all of the components needed to build the trackwheel including an analog encoder (US Digital MA3-A10-125-N).

We never made assembly instructions for this as its fairly straight forward if you have the CAD model open at the same time and build from the bottom up.

Hope this helps,