Confused about Human Brain MRI Donor name

Hi, I’m having a hard time using Human Brain MRI.
I’m trying to use MRI with ‘H0351.2002_normalized_microarray_donor10021’ database, but the name on the table on the website and the name at the top of the image do not match.
Which MRI should I use in the current table for ‘H0351.2002_normalized_microarray_donor10021’?

It looks like the “H0351.####” values are the ones that match between MRI and microarray, so for your example H0351.2002_normalized_microarray_donor10021 corresponds to donor H0351.2002 in the microarray. On this page (MRI Donor Data :: Allen Human Brain Atlas :: Allen Brain Atlas: Human Brain) I am unable to reproduce your bug (e.g., the number in the upper left always matches the row that I click on in the table). I’d recommend reloading the screen or trying a different browser (I used Firefox). You can also directly download the data at the table on the bottom of the screen, and the links in the row match the donor from that same row.

First of all, thank you for the detailed answer.
I used the Chrome browser and it keeps getting the same bug when reloading on Chrome.
I checked again with Safari and it works normally as you said.
Thank you.