Connectivity Synaptic Physiology API -- How to access raw electrophysiology signal data

Hello All,

Is there a way to access the raw electrophysiology signal data (time series data) from the Synaptic Physiology Database?


There are two options for accessing time-series data from synphys experiments:

  1. If you are interested only in the portion of the time-series close to synaptic stimulation (anywhere we would expect to record an evoked synaptic event), then these short segments of the time series can be accessed from the “full” version of our database (in contrast, the “small” and “medium” sizes do not contain any time series data). For an example of this, see aisynphys/doc/accessing_synaptic_responses.ipynb at current-release · AllenInstitute/aisynphys · GitHub
  2. If you want the original, raw time-series data, then you can download NWB files from the experiments. For an example of this, see: aisynphys/doc/accessing_raw_data.ipynb at current-release · AllenInstitute/aisynphys · GitHub