Accessing connectivity streamline data (the sequel!)

Hi all,

Making a new post following on from a previous post (as people’s roles may have changed in the meantime and I don’t want to cause them unnecessary noise)

I am working on maintaining the Brainrender tool. From what I understand in the post, Brainrender relied on a cache of some AIBS streamline data from experiment 174957972 hosted at

However, this URL now returns 403 Forbidden (see this Brainrender issue for more details)

I am wondering

  • is there now a way to easily download the streamline data from Python (ideally again as a compressed JSON file)?
  • if not, would it be OK to manually download the data and host it on the BrainGlobe GIN server instead of the out-dated cache?

Any advice is appreciated!

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As a new user I couldn’t post more than two links in one post, so linking the previous post this follows on from in this comment.

Same question here, but I wonder whether one can use a post request to access this link: