Correlation between brain structure and sample ID in microarray.csv


i want to use the microarrryExpression.csv data file to examine the expression profile of specific brain regions. How can i assign the sample id (e.g. X3.6157916807089787 in the first column) to a specific brain structure as indicated by the sampleAnnot.csv file?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @waltheja,
Thanks for posting. For this atlas (and most other microarray and RNA-seq atlases) there are three separate files corresponding to data, samples, and genes. To assign a sample id in the first column, you’ll need to read the microarray expression table into your desired program without reading in rows (e.g., X3.6157916807089787 is the first microarray value and is NOT a sample id). Then separately read in the sample information file, which is presented in the same order and you can collect the sample id from that file to add to the microarray expression matrix. The same process would apply for the rows if you wanted more gene information.