Data privacy. Should all data used in mapmycells be data ok to share publicly?

I’m interested in using mapmycells to compare to other cell identification methods, however I am unsure of the data privacy policies. Will all data uploaded be aggregated for reference use? If I am using data that cannot yet be publicly shared, will there be an issue with uploading my data?

Hi @abbeygreen,

Thank you for your interest in MapMyCells.

Internal administrators at the Allen Institute have the technical ability to access any dataset uploaded to MapMyCells. However, we only ever do this when it is necessary for debugging (for example, if a mapping job fails and a user asks us for a deeper explanation than they can get from the returned error logs).

We do not aggregate submitted data for any kind of re-training effort, etc, and we will not publish your data publicly. In addition, we do not retain uploaded files longer than one week after upload.

Please use good judgement, however, and do not upload sensitive data or data that you do not have the authority to share. Never upload files containing personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI) that could put individuals’ privacy at risk. For our general privacy policy see: Privacy Policy - Allen Institute.

Thank you,
Elysha Fiabane
Product Manager, MapMyCells
Allen Institute for Brain Science