MapMyCells User Guide: Signed-in experience

This user guide focusses on the differences in the signed-in experience. A general MapMyCells user guide is available here.

The signed-in experience offers additional tools for administrating your input files and mapping results:

  • Run multiple individual mappings at the same time - each requires its own input file.
  • Don’t loose mappings progress when you close the MapMyCells browser tab.
  • Save a total of up to 5GB of input and output files for one week.

Signing in

Sign-in prompts in the header and throughout the mapping process allow researchers to access the sign-in page:

Clicking SIGN IN on any of the above, takes you to the sign-in page.

Click on the ALLEN INSTITUTE button and follow the prompts to complete your sign-in. Once complete, you’ll be directed back to the MapMyCells user interface.

NOTE: In the first version of MapMyCells, the signed-in experience is only available to Allen Institute scientists and researchers with an Allen Institute collaborator account. We’re planning to add additional sign-in options in the future. Please share with us if you’re interested in these features and how you’d benefit from them to help us prioritize this work.

Navigation menu

The signed-in experience features an additional navigation menu bar to the left side of your screen. It allows you to switch between the MapMyCells user interface described here and the Map Results table described below.


Results table

The “Map Results” table provides an administrative overview of your available storage space, uploaded files, running computations, and available downloads, etc. It updates every 5 seconds.

Depending on the status if the mapping, the actions columns allows researchers to:

  • cancel a currently running mapping image
  • rerun a mapping image
  • download results image
  • delete input and output files image