Determination of the mouse LGN borders coordinates in order to reconstruct the whole LGN with its sub-structures (e.g., the individual layers)

Dear friends

with alll due respect, I’m phD student and working on the Brain and eyes of the mouse.
in a part of my thesis, I need to the coordinates of the whole LGN with its sub-structures (e.g., the individual layers) to reconstruction of it.
in fact, I have to determination of the mouse LGN borders coordinates.

On the other hand, I really have many difficulties in identifying papers and extracting and unifying the information, that’s why , I would be so grateful if someone help me in this matter and send me the exact coordinates of both LGN ( Right & Left, although in any case, they are symmetric).

Thank you so much in advance

I would recommend extracting that information from the Allen Common Coordinate Framework.

To get started:

CCFv3 Highlights: Getting Started - Technical - Allen Brain Map Community Forum (

We argue that the existence of consciousness system is parallel to, and independent of, CNS. By pure logical reasoning, we have explained that the Neutral Monism model has assumed the brain has a CNS-independent consciousness system.

Physicalists also have their Problem One, which is about the NCC and the neural plasticity. If consciousness is pure virtual/spiritual and it can affect physical neural activities, then this is contradicted with physicalism in itself.

Physicalists have their Problem Two. If it is the CNS that gives off conscious phenomena, then what about all those species without neuron or CNS. A more specified example is about the earthworm. When we cut an earthworm into two pieces, the part without the CNS does not die but alive and produce a new set of the CNS on its own. And tons of other examples, from metamorphosis and NDE (near death experience), are saying that consciousness is independent of the CNS or neuronal cell. The CNS’s connection to mental activities shall be reconsidered in a really open-minded way.

Dear Jasonma
thanks a lot for your great explanation.

Dear Iydian

Could you please tell me how I can change the (x,y,z) in online Allen Brain Explorer to the coordinates ( ML,AP,DV)? for example I selected the LGv from the thalamus and uploaded the screen shot of it. you can see the x,y,z of the point that i selected it at the right side of the photo( in expriment information section). the point is visible with green color. I f I can know how I can change the axis number to coordinates, all problem of me will be solved .
you can check through : 3d Viewer :: Allen Brain Atlas: Mouse Connectivity