Does Allen brain provide user open source to build transcriptomics explorer?


My name is Nam-uk Kim from the Korea Brain Research Institute.

I have a some questions.

I am trying to build a web based explorer like the site transcriptomics explorer below.


Can I get the transcriptomics explorer’s github or open source?

And, The AllenBrain Atlas site provides S/W development kit. Is it related to this?

I hope you check it out and let me know.

Thank you.

Best regards.


Hi Nam-uk,

The source code for the Transcriptomics Explorer is not currently available on GitHub, but we’re looking into releasing it. Making it open is easy, but making it open and useful might take a bit more effort.

To ensure it’s useful to you, would you mind elaborating on how you might use the source code? Do you want to emulate the overall application design, or just pluck some specific visualizations, or something else? Currently the application is closely couple with our data API, so it will also be important to interpret the source code in that light. Are you intending to build an application using Allen Institute data or other data? Again, knowing this can help us better support your work.