Downloading Multiple Images at Once


I am currently interested in using images from the Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas into my research; however, I need to use multiple images from various times and genes. Is there a way for me to download multiple images from the same data set at a time so that I do not need to go through and individually download each image?

Thank you!


Dear Lindsey,

There are multiple ways to download individual images.

  1. From the high resolution image viewer: You can download an image at a time by right-clicking the wrench in the upper right corner here:

  2. From the API: You can follow instructions here which would instruct you to find the section image id and paste the following URL in your browser:

However, neither of those gets you a full series of images. You will need to use code to do this. Please install the latest python 3, and then you can use this code: Download all images from an imageseries from Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas - python 3 · GitHub

To find your dataset id, you can use the experiment number shown here:

Or, in the high resolution image viewer, you can use the part of the URL highlighted here:

Best of luck!