Allen Brain Atlas Github Program

I’m attempting to use a line of code from Github that deals with downloading multiple files from Allen Brain Atlas. However, I keep running into the error message found in the image attached and when I do try to complete the instructions encoded in the image, I find myself with new errors to resolve. Does anyone have any knowledge of coding and/or software engineering to try and run the code I am attempting to run? I will attach the link to the code that I am trying to run as well.

Hi Aldrei,

This doesn’t look to be an issue with the SDK but with your installed python environment. For reference, we only just added python3.9 support for the SDK and currently pyNWB only supports up to python3.10. You are using 3.11. If you are not using Anaconda Python and specifying a version of python for your environment (I would recommend using 3.8 for now for the SDK) I would recommend doing so. For other python issues, Googling the issue (which I believe you already have) and looking for issues similar to yours on Stack overflow is the best way to get smaller problems resolved. Good Luck!