Trouble using API to download SVG image of Mouse brain sagittal section

Before starting, I just want to mention I have no background in coding/XML and so I’ve first tried using the SDK but I can’t seem to get that to work, and so would like a thorough explanation of either how to use the SDK to get the sig image after seemingly getting to step 3 of the install guide (Install Guide — Allen SDK dev documentation) or just using the API, which ever seems easiest for a non-coder!

Ideally I would like to extract images 19-12 in the sagittal Mouse, P56 atlas as .svg files in order to use them for overlaying a heatmap over the regions using QUINT pipeline. Thus I would like the files themselves so we can edit them in Adobe illustrator but I’d also like to learn how to use the SDK if possible! I am on a M1 mac and have downloaded anaconda to help with python introduction.