Downloading and Displaying SVG

The SVG download service returns annotations associated with the specified SectionImage as scalable vector graphics (SVG). Examples of annotations that can be retrieved include hot spots and drawings of Structure boundaries on AtlasImages. Add the “groups=” parameter and specify one or more delimited by commas to filter the types of SVG returned.

Prototype[]?groups=[#, #, #...]


Find Atlases that have AtlasImages annotated with Structure boundaries, and the relevant GraphicGroupLabel.ids: model::Atlas,

Download a list of AtlasImages from the “Mouse, P56 Coronal” Atlas (id=1) that have Structure boundary annotations ( model::AtlasImage,
rma::options[tabular$eq''][order$eq''] &num_rows=all&start_row=0

Download the structure boundary annotations ( for an AtlasImage (id=100960033) as a file (.svg):

Display SVG in most browsers:


filename Integer identifying the SVG to download.
groups list of (optional) Filter the Groups to include in the SVG


SVG as either a downloaded file or displayed in the browser.