Error in query... Connection reset by peer


I have been using the Allen API to render anatomical and projection data in python (, but I am now getting a query error.

This happens when I try to fetch tractography data with the experiment_spatial_search function of the MouseConnectivityApi class.

This is the error message:
Error in query: service::mouse_connectivity_target_spatial[seed_point$eq7655,4790,7452], Connection reset by peer

The same exact code worked fine until yesterday so I am a bit puzzled, the error message is also not very helpful. Is it something on the server side?

Thank you,

Hello Federico

It seems that the service that provides this function has failed. I have contacted our systems administration team to restart the service.

I will post again when I have confirmed that it is running again. Apologies for the inconvenience.



Thank you for getting in touch.
A few hours after my initial post the service started working again, sorry for not posting an update.

Good to know that that kind of error means that the service is down (and not a bug in my code!), and thanks for the help.


Our systems administrators are putting some effort into making this service more resilient. We hope that you will experience less of these service blips in the future.

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