Extracting RNA-count data for specific genes from expression matrix

Hello there!

Thank you very much for providing this excellent database and tools to work with. I am currently trying to recreate your tSNE plots from the human scRNA-seq data for 7 specific genes. I created the plots using the tSNE coordinates provided by you and trying to incorporate the read count data for the single nuclei. I struggle with extracting the gene specific data from the sparse matrix since filtering it according to the gene names always gives back an empty matrix. It would be great if someone had an idea on how to do it in R and could share some information or lines of code.

Thank you very much!

Hi @A_Muc. The recommended way to read this file using R is written in the .readme. In particular, the read_tome_gene_data function in the scrattch.io R package will be useful. If you prefer using python, please see this forum post.