From SectionDataSetID to Metadata (gene name, age) in Developmental AGEA expression grids


I have trouble finding a table that links the SectionDataSet IDs to metadata like the gene name and the age.

for example: SectionDataSetID 100081428 corresponds to Tcf21, P4 as can be seen in Experiment Detail :: Allen Brain Atlas: Mouse Brain

Here is the context:

  • I listed the 20 274 SectionDataSetIDs available in the development AGEA adapting the method provided in a conversation from this forum.
  • Then I downloaded the energy grids using the allensdk.api.queries.grid_data_api.GridDataApi
  • However i only have the sectionDataSet ID for each grid and i need for further analysis the name of the gene and the developmental stage.

In fact, it is possible to get this information for the Adult AGEA adapting this Notebook from the Allen Institute, (open_dataset_tools.aba_mouse_utils.get_atlas_metadata function).

How can I get the same metadata for the Developing AGEA?