Gene expression in area postrema

How do I find the full list of genes expressed in the area postrema (AP)? I found a report by Katie J. Glattfelder, Lydia L. Ng and John A. Morris that included 50 select genes in the AP, but how do I find all the genes?
Thank you for your help!

This list of 50 genes can be found in this publication Area Postrema | Nature Precedings

Thanks yes, per my question I found the 50 genes, but am interested in all expressed, not just the selected 50.

You can look up the region in the mouse brain atlas via this link (fine structure filter selected) ISH Data :: Allen Brain Atlas: Mouse Brain (

Thank you, but is there a way to see more than 52 genes? For example, I don’t see GFRAL on this list which should be there.

Also, JNyhus, can you explain how the 52 genes via the link you sent me were selected? Are they the ones with the highest expression in the AP or most differentially expressed in the AP compared to the rest of the brain, or what?
Thank you for your help.