Histology & Immunohistochemistry: Compendium data available for analyzing the cytoarchitecture of the brain

The Allen Brain Map includes comprehensive data related to gene expression and anatomy across the mammalian brain. Accompanying the quantitative data for tissue- and cell-specific gene expression by mRNA detection, qualitative immunohistochemistry and histological stain data is also available. These assays provider richer context for anatomical analysis – and often they are really beautiful!

Some example data featuring histology is linked below. At this time, we do not have plans to add any additional histological data to existing resources that are part of the Allen Brain Reference Atlases, or to these datasets, but we are considering how to incorporate histology into future work:

Other researchers have created excellent online resources for histological analysis of the brain. We can’t provide a comprehensive list here, but encourage you to add your favorites in the comments section.

For our future projects, we are interested in learning about the research community’s interest in histology. How useful are non-quantitative histological images to your work? Do you have suggestions for data that you think would be really helpful for your work? Leave a comment!

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Thank you so much for mentioning our CHAMBER project in Oxford. For a strategic reason, we’ve just changed the full name of the project, while it’s still called CHAMBER.

Also, while I’ve been looking for a similar project over the years, I never came across the Human Protein Atlas. Very good to know, thanks!

Human Brain Project also has data for the distribution of VGluT3 in the rat brain (Click the “Viewer” link at the bottom to see their data).

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