How can I read a 63 GB .csv file into RStudio from the Allen Brain Map using R?

Using RStudio, I am trying to read in the Gene_expression_matrix.csv file from the Brain Allen Institute, and the file is too large, even for computers with large amounts of RAM (I have access to and have tried it on a laptop with 64 GB RAM and a computer with 384 GB RAM. Has anyone accessed this file or any of a similar size? Thanks!

I’m using this code:

Gene_expression_matrix <- read.csv("Gene_expression_matrix.csv")

The error message I receive is:

Error: cannot allocate vector of size 3.9 Mb

Hi @molanacirccleww. This is an issue we are aware of, and some partial solutions and suggestions are included in this Forum post. We are hoping to have a more general solution for this issue in 2022.