How to acquire the structure label for the expression grid data?


My goal is to figure out the brain structure that each grid belongs to.

I have downloaded the expression grid data following the instruction in “”. The label of brain structure seems to be somewhere else.

So I used the SDK following the demo in “”. But the grid expression data is in 200um unit and the reference map is 100um at most. Also the orientation is different. I am thinking about resizing the reference map and aligning them myself. But this seems error-prone. Is there a reference map specifically for the ISH data that I failed to find?

Any help will be appreciated.


I have figured it out. There is a link to download the grid annotation: Should have read more carefully in the API page.

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Glad you found what you needed! We’d love to hear how your work is going and hope you share results or publications here, when they are ready! :+1:t4: