How to: Filter Specimens

Researchers exploring specimens in the Brain Knowledge Platform can filter the specimens list to focus on their areas of interest and research.

Open the filter panel by clicking the button in the top section of the website. Researchers can choose which specimen properties are available in the filter.

Close the filter panel by clicking the filter button again or the close button at the bottom of the panel.

Click any value in a filter to choose specimens with that value. For example, choose specimens within the Pvalb interneuron subclass that are also from layer 5.

  • All filter selections (as well as sort) are preserved in the website url. Copy and share that URL to share an interesting set of specimens with others.
  • The current filter selections are reflected in the top row.
  • The total # of specimens matching the current selection is shown in the top right of the website.
  • Visual elements and #s in the filter panel will change to indicate the characteristics of the specimens matching current filter selections. In this example, 1 of the cells in the current selection has an MET type “Pvalb-MET-2” and 6 have an MET type “Pvalb-MET-3.”

Any filter selection can be de-selected by clicking the value again. Alternatively, all selections for a category can be de-selected by clicking the “x” in the oval “pill” describing the current selection.