IRB approval statement?

Hello all,

My undergraduate students are working with data from a number of data sets to get some research experience under these COVID-induced physical distancing conditions.

I found a statement in the Aging, Dementia, and TBI study information indicating that no further IRB approval was needed, but I can’t find something similar for the other data sets on this site. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you. -Shara

Hi @sharastough,

All data on is freely available to the public (without additional IRB approval), subject to the terms of use and citation policy. If you are referring to raw data (e.g., FASTQ files) for the Aging, Dementia, and TBI Study, that is available on NIAGADS and you’ll need to go through their legal process. There is a separate community post about raw data for other RNA-seq studies. Otherwise, you should be set!


Thank you! -Shara