Are there more human donor brains that could be made available, or any similar resources?

Hi there, I’m an undergrad at the University of Washington working with a professor and we’ve been using the Allen Brain Map to help in our research. As wonderful as this resource has been, we would prefer to have more donor brains to compare. Are there more donor’s available that we could gain access to? If not, does anyone know of similar sites as to the Allen Brain Map? Thank you for the help!

Depending on what you are looking for, there are a few projects involving many human donors:

  • The Aging, Dementia, and TBI study includes histology, neuropathology, bulk RNA-seq, and pathological protein quantification from ~110 aged donors (specimen table).
  • The Seattle Alzheimer’s Disease Brain Cell Atlas (SEA-AD) has quantitative neuropathology and single nucleus multiomics from middle temporal gyrus of 84 aged donors (donor index). Both this and the previous study include roughly even donors with and without dementia.
  • We had a recent scientific study on Inter-individual variation in human cortical cell type abundance and expression (preprint, GitHub) which includes whole genome sequencing and single nucleus RNA-sequencing from 75 donors for which Patch-seq data was also collected in ~2019.

Please feel free to clarify what you are looking for and hopefully others from the community will have more resources to add to this topic!