Is there a way to subset ORB from PL;ILA;ORB?

In the scRNA-seq data, there’s a region_label for PL;ILA;ORB. I am wondering if there’s any possible way to subset just the ORB cells.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. For our 10x data PL-ILA-ORB were profiled together, but for SMART-seq data ORB was profiled separately from PL-ILA. So you should be able to find ORB specific SMART-seq cells available for download. Also, you can use cell type assignment, Allen mouse brain atlas, etc. to identify ORB cell types. Specifically, the Transcriptomics Explorer will allow you to visualize the fraction of each cluster represented by cells collected from ORB, and this taxonomy browser may be useful once you have cell types to explore.