Mapping to Brain region


I was successfully able to use MapMyCells, which is a tremendous tool for the community.
The output shows cell class and subclass labels for each mapped cell. However, I am more interested in predicting regions where the cell may be matching to.
Is it possible to include this in the MapMyCells output?

Since the region labels for each cell are available, it seems like adding additional columns much like the (sub)class columns could be added for predicting the brain region.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

Thank you for your interest in MapMyCells and for your suggestion on how we can improve it to better serve you. Mapping data to regions is not currently supported, however, we will consider adding this capability in a future release. In the meantime, please let me know if you have any other questions.

Elysha Fiabane
Product Manager, MapMyCells

Hi @Elysha-AIBS ,

Thank you for your response.If not supported using MapMyCells, how would you suggest to approach this using the general Allen Brain Atlas data and related tools?
I suppose downloading the > 4 million cells locally and leveraging their corresponding annotation using a transfer learning approach would be overkill: can you think of a more permissive strategy, based on available tools from the Allen Brain Atlas?