Mean expression of a gene across experiments

I’d like to find a straightforward way to access the “average” expression of a gene across the entire mouse brain, or at least the information that would enable me to calculate some statistic like that. The goal would be to normalize a gene’s “expression energy” for a particular region, obtained using Structure Unionization, in order to get a sense of region-specific enrichment or depletion for genes with very different abundances. Really appreciate the guidance!

Hi @vbhave,
Thanks for your question. Which data modality are you interested in using for your source? In situ hybridization (ISH) data from the Adult mouse brain atlas? And have you had a look at the API yet?

Yes, the adult mouse brain atlas. And I’ve taken a look – is the easiest way to pull expression statistics for all genes across the broadest ABA anatomical regions (e.g. for CH, CS, CB) and then average the values for each gene by combining the results from these queries? I’m just wondering if there is a more straightforward approach. Thanks for the help!