Rhesus macaque sn-RNAseq data and metada

Does anyone knows if there is a metadata file as well the processed data (h5 or matrix file) for the Rhesus macaque data deposited here Index of /biccn/grant/u01_lein/lein/transcriptome/sncell/10x_v3/rhesus_macaque/raw ?

Those files are associated with a study of cellular diversity in primary motor cortex: Allen Brain Map. The processed files are not yet available and will likely be uploaded later this year. Thanks for your interest.


Hi Trygve, could you please share the specific link to the metada specifying what are
the 13 samples from Rhesus macaque deposited in your repository (Index of /biccn/grant/u01_lein/lein/transcriptome/sncell/10x_v3/rhesus_macaque/raw? Thank you in advance for your kindness.