Brain region and donor metadata for human snRNAseq 10x based cross area datasets

Hi, can you please help point me to some metadata related to the raw datasets uploaded as part of the human_cross_areal projects? After looking at the uploaded datasets to NEMO, I noticed that the 10x datasets are made available here: Index of /biccn/grant/u01_lein/lein/transcriptome/sncell/10x_v3/human/raw. Is there a mapping file available which indicates some basic metadata for each of the various raw sequencing files listed here? For example, for the file ‘NW_TX0019-1_S01_L003-001.fastq.tar’, which brain region and donor do the nuclei in that file correspond to? This would enable us to download and reprocess raw files for just one brain region of interest (like MTG), versus having to download and reprocess all of the raw files. Thanks!