Mouse CTX-HPF datasets before the update

I am processing the WHOLE CORTEX & HIPPOCAMPUS database - 10X GENOMICS (2020) WITH 10X-SMART-SEQ TAXONOMY (2021):

And I noticed that there were changes in the data As of 10/21/2021 - can I access the metadata file and the raw data fie before the update ?
How can I access previous files?
also , I have analyzed the old files and I am interested in updating my analyses to match the updated files, how best to approach this ?


We have updated the Transcriptomics Explorer now reflects a more recent taxonomy that was generated using both the SMART-seq and 10x data and was published in Cell by Yao et al. The majority of the cells is the same between the 2 versions but the cell type assignment (metadata) has been updated in the current version. The sample_id in the metadata file should allow you to link your previous analysis to the current files.
As for access to the previous files, I don’t think that those are still available through the website and I would urge you to use the updated version to be aligned with the published data.