Running separate clusters?

Hello guys!

At work I’m currently occupied with sorting through our old databases in order to reduce them down and switch everything over to the new database. To manage this pretty big workload, I’m relying heavily on open source software.

The problem I’m now running into is that I’m already using Apache Kafka, but I want to sort with Kafka Connect as well. Only If I’m running both of them on the same cluster, then nothing is working right anymore.

Colleagues of mine told me that I would need to run the both of them on separate clusters, but I can’t just do that. Do you know of any easier options, or do I need to use something like this for running programs on different clusters?

Hi @BrainoBro

This sounds like a very interesting question but I’m afraid it falls outside our particular areas of expertise. We are fortunate to have a single cluster managed by an extremely skilled IT group that provides us with the computing power to do our analyses. You may wish to ask your question on a forum that is specific to scientific computing platforms.

Good luck with your project and best regards,