Technical information regarding images (TBI project)

Hi everybody! I used API to download images from Aging, Dementia and Traumatic Brain Injury Project that were stained for amyloid beta for a image analysis paper we were writing. I wrote in the materials and methods of the manuscript the following lines regarding the image technical parameters:

The Aβ stained plaques were isolated from images of each of the three brain regions, which were downloaded through API access as high-quality images (format: jpg; compression level = 0). The images were scanned at 10x full resolution and white balanced for consistency.

This is what i was able to find on the Allen Brain Atlas technical information regarding the images. However, one of the manuscript reviewers wants additional details regarding the images:

Some additional technical specifications of these images could be provided. These could include image dimensions, resolution or any other parameters that enable a reader to duplicate the results in the future.

I don’t know how to provide image dimensions since these images were scanned and they do not have the same dimension. What can i additional write about these image regarding their technical parameters?

Hi @Zaki You are right that each image will have its own dimensions so there is no single value that describes the entire set. I can say that the resolution of the scanned images was approximately one micron per pixel. Maybe that is something you can use.

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Tnx for the info. Anything helps :slight_smile: