Technical: Web apps for bioinformatic that are easy to use for people with no programming skills

(I posted it before “General” because I missed the topic “Technical”)
Hi there,
I would like to ask suggestions of simple python algorithms that are useful for this community. I want to create web apps with a minimalist interface where biologists with no programming skills can use these algorithms.

Maybe file convertors, image processing… I just need the python algorithm and one or two examples of input and output. I am not a biologist, so I cannot say which algorithms are relevant just by browsing Github repositories.

As an example, I have created an interface to an AI algorithm that detects COVID in thorax x-ray images:

My goal is to create a web page where I can have tens of links like that, where anyone can open in the browser, upload the input data and download results with one click; no installation, no logins.

Thank you and best regards

Sorry for the delayed response, but so far we don’t have any useful suggestions for you from the Allen Institute. I would encourage anyone in the larger community with suggestions to respond!