Tissue Enrichment Tool

Dear Allen Team,

I was wondering if there were tissue enrichment tools available for the mouse brain atlas. Since, I’m interested in genes that are specifically expressed in one region for example the hippocampus vs the complete brain and also for smaller regions such as hippocampus CA1 region vs. the rest of the brain.

Kind regards,
Joy Otten

Hi @JoyOtten,
Thanks for your question - a little additional information about what you are looking for might enable us to provide more guidance. Have you checked out the Anatomical Gene Expression Analysis (AGEA) data navigators for comparison of regions by in situ hybridization in adult mouse brain? We also have Fine Structure and Anatomical Search functions (click radio buttons on interface). Or, are you looking for single cell-level data? Or programmatic access?

I’m indeed looking for programmatic access. Although I saw that you have API access, so currently trying to find out how to use that to get the data out.
Thanks for your help!