Violation of SWC spec in at least three files

The SWC spec here requires that “Parent samples must be defined before they are being referred to.”
The SWC spec described here requires that “Parent samples should appear before any child samples”

In these three SWC files:

this requirement is violated.
The first one, if you open the associated SWC file in a text editor, reads

1 1 389.2185 749.32 19.6823 6.9945 -1
2 2 397.8924 754.8432 20.3437 0.1144 3
3 2 396.7712 754.7815 20.1214 0.1144 4
4 2 395.6867 754.4794 19.9651 0.1151 5

The last number in each line should be strictly less than the first number in each line. In other words, the graph should be topologically sorted.

@patrick-nicodemus thanks for finding these cells. We’ll get them updated on the website, in the meantime I can send the files via email if you’d like to provide your address.


Thank you very much. I was able to write a topological sorting algorithm to relabel the indices for my needs, so I do not need the files at this time.
I was only looking at the mouse cells, I did not check any human cells.