What updated from v0.3.0 to 0.4.0 manifest in the visual behavior neuropixels dataset?


I downloaded a large chunk of the visual behavior neuropixels dataset when I was using it last year. The manifest file at the time was v0.3.0, and has updated since then to v0.4.0.

I ran compare_manifests so I can see which files were changed, but I was wondering if there were some release notes available or something similar that summarises the main changes? As I have already downloaded a lot of the data, I would consider sticking with v0.3.0 unless there are breaking changes that would require me to upgrade.

Thank you very much for any help, and thank you further for all the work in sharing this data!
Best - Sean

Hi Sean,

The main update for the 0.4.0 manifest was the addition of LFP and behavior-only data. You can now download the raw LFP data for the vast majority of the probe insertions in this dataset. You can also download the behavior data for the entire training history of each animal. In addition to this new data, there were a couple of minor changes as part of the AllenSDK 2.14.1 release to address this issue and this issue.

Please note that right now, manifest 0.3.0 is incompatible with allensdk version 2.14.1. We’re working on fixing this, but for now, if you’re not interested in using the LFP or training data, you are safe to continue using manifest 0.3.0 with allensdk version 2.13.5.

We are working on documenting these changes better for this and future updates. Soon, you should be able to read a description of what changed here under the Data File Changelog. We will also shortly be releasing tutorials to show how to access and begin analyzing the new LFP and behavioral data.

Thanks for your interest in this dataset!


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Hi @corbettb, thank you so much for the information, that is perfect - big help :slight_smile: