About the Brain Knowledge Platform category

The Brain Knowledge Platform is a data platform and website for researchers to access data, explore features and visualizations, and connect data to knowledge. This product is an active area of development for the Allen Institute for Brain Science, and new features are released regularly.

Key Features :

  • Search our data catalog of 80+ projects and 100+ datasets from the Allen Institute for Brain Science and BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN) . Through multiple major grants, the Institute is involved in the science, data management, and consortium coordination with the BICCN.
  • Explore specimen data from the largest public Patch-seq dataset with 3,600 cells mapped to both transcriptomics and multi-modality cell types

Coming Soon:

  • First release of Cell Types Explorer, a data-driven encyclopedia of neuronal cell types, rich with taxonomy navigation, data visualizations, and links to supporting data from myriad modalities
  • Additional datasets for deep exploration, including massive scRNA-seq as well as fMOST full morphology data

Coming Later:
The Brain Knowledge Platform website is fueled by a powerful API. We are considering opening this API for public use. If you are interested in using the API directly, either for your own analysis or to build applications, please reach out.